Mind Your Business (old)

Are you ready to launch, but have no idea where to start?

You have your website, purchased Facebook ads, built your social media following, your email list – marketing on point.

How about registering the company name?

What type of entity structure to choose?

What accounting software should I use?

Do I need a company bank account?

So what happens when I get my first client? When it’s time to send out an invoice?

Perhaps you may need financing for expansion, but when the bank asks for a balance sheet, you run for dear life because you have no clue what a balance sheet is.

Lets talk about your current money situation? How do you know if your business is successful or not? How do you know if last year, last month or even last week was a success? What systems do you have in place to track your finances, cash flow, profit?

Maybe your business is struggling. You’d like to setup a budget so that you’re not in the same family as the average business owner, with only 27 days of cash reserves.

Oh, this one is a biggie! Say you’re not aware of the tax consequences. Is this considered a business or hobby? Do I have to pay taxes on this money? Are there any deductions to mitigate my tax liability?

Yep, I know this may not be such an appealing topic, but lets all face it, Uncle Sam is here to stay – Don’t let him catch you slipping.

So I think by now, you get the point!

Many new & existing business owners overlook this pivotal part of the business process, which is extremely important, and needless to say can’t afford to be overlooked. Although not so fun, the compliance side of business is just as important as making money.

MIND YOUR “Six Figure’ BUSINESS is designed for individuals that are somewhere between the start up phase and their first 6 figures in sales.

If you can raise your hand to any of the questions or concerns listed above, this is the kind of stuff that keeping you up at night, you consider yourself COACH-ABLE, driven & ready to level up and take your business to the next level, this programs for you!

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