Meet The Team

Hey there, I’m Robyn! I help you minimize taxes (to the most legal extent possible), protect your assets, and achieve the fullest potential in your business by first clearly defining your vision and second, executing through collaboration and persistent communication.

As a graduate of UH, I received my bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2007. For over decade, I’ve had the pleasure of advising high net worth families and multimillion dollar companies, across several industries. I’ve spent a considerable amount of my career preparing complex individual, partnership, corporate, not-for-profit, fiduciary & estate tax returns at both small and mid-sized firms.

When I started my career in public accounting, I was on a mission to learn as much as I could, complete the CPA exam and eventually start my own practice. When I say practice, not your typical CPA practice. I wanted to make sure my clients weren’t just another number; OR shuffled around from team to team each year; OR ignored until it’s time to file and pay taxes. I knew I wanted to be more of an Advisor. I wanted a relationship with my clients. Fast forward 14 years later, I can proudly say that my vision has come to fruition.

I’m a member of the Texas Society of CPA’s, where I serve on The Young Professionals Committee, CPAs Helping Schools committee and The Event Planning subcommittee. Aside from my practice, my second passion is empowering underserved communities by teaching them how to become financially literate. I believe economic empowerment is one of the major keys to success and unfortunately many families in underserved communities are lacking many areas of financial literacy.

I’m a wife (of so many years, I’ve stopped counting) a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and a SEVERLY insane Entrepreneur. I enjoy spending time with family, shopping and hey, just living. If you challenge me to who could eat the most Mexican food in any given week, I can guarantee you’ll lose.


Meet the Team