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Your business is more than your website or logo.

Sure, that’s the sexy part, right? 

We get excited to unveil our latest mood board or tell people that our website is up. We get all kinds of geeked up when we show people our business card with Your Company, LLC embossed on the front. 

… but there’s more to being in business than hanging up your shingle and declaring you’ve got stuff for sale. 

And you know this is true.

Because once you decided to go all-in on your business, you knew that meant playing with the big dogs. The IRS. The state workforce commission. You opened yourself up to evaluation from Uncle Sam and the rest of his relatives.

But to make the maximum impact in your business — building wealth for yourself and for generations to come — you know that you can’t keep your business on the side. Your business is meant to grow.

50% of businesses fail within the first five years, and one of the most common reasons they shut their doors? Their backend is a mess. 

While they may have invested in:

✔️ A pretty logo 

✔️ A dynamic website

✔️ Sales and marketing campaigns

✔️ Business coaches to the tune of thousands of $$

The reality of their business showed they … 

✖ Didn’t know their numbers (of if they were even profitable) 

✖ Were out of compliance with several agencies 

✖ Didn’t have the resources or support to do better

✖ Had no clue what taxes they were subject to, resulting in thousands in penalties and interest

✖ Was paying way too much in taxes, because no one ever shared with them strategic tax savings strategies

But it doesn’t have to be their reality … or yours either. 

That’s why I created Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business.


Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business

Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business is the premier business program for entrepreneurs who want to know better to do better. 

These aren’t cookie-cutter business principles to help you get more clients with a DM strategy or generate more revenue by investing in XYZ latest tool. 

Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business gives you the needed business fundamentals when it comes to the lifeblood of your business: Your tax, compliance, and cashflow game.

With Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business, you’re learning what they didn’t teach you in school and what your business coach failed to tell you …

… That
up to 40% of all that income you earn in your business could end up lining the pockets of your other business partner — Uncle Sam.  

When you gain access to Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business, you’ll get all the tools and resources you were never taught to scale and grow your business profitably. 

With Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business, you’ll create the business foundation you need to be the CEO you’re meant to be. Here’s what we’ll cover: 

✔️ Exclusive access to the 5-module course content to give you the exact information you need to get your business finances in order and grow your revenue using tax savings strategies.

✔️ Step-by-step guidance on how to form your company, sophisticated tax tools that are used to keep the wealthy, wealthy, and learn some of the most common business taxes business owners are subject to beyond income tax.

✔️ Private, curated Facebook group to network with other boss-level CEOs who are doing it big in their business (and are ready to do it even bigger) 

✔️ Access to me — hi, I’m Robyn Jefferson, CPA — to answer your business questions as a group so that you can get the direct guidance you need to keep the needle moving forward

Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business is here to position you to not only act like a boss — but to be a boss. 

It’s no secret that we don’t live in a truly equitable world.

And when it comes to entrepreneurship, the chips are often stacked against those of us who don’t come from significant wealth or a family history of building businesses. 

For many of us, we don’t have family members in the wings to loan us startup capital or teach us about all the numerous tax rules and compliance requirements that you need to know to really grow.

For most of us, our motivation is simple: We have a dream that we’ve turned into a goal … but is in need of a plan.

To get from the startup phase of business to that first half-million and beyond, you can’t get by with DIYing the financial and compliance part.

And while you may not have the resources to invest in a full-blown CFO, hire a CPA, or invest in an attorney right off the bat, that doesn’t mean that it will benefit you to make like an ostrich with your head in the sand when it comes to your money and your business. 

The plan toward $500K or $1M or more is built on knowledge and eyes wide open decision-making. 

Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business will help get you there. 

Here’s how we’ll grow your money and get your business straight in Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business:

When you join Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business, you’ll get access to my top resources and training on what you need to know to secure and grow your business. Here’s how we’ll do it: 

Module 1: Get In…Formation 

Learn the basics of legal entities and how to set yours up the right way, tax advantages and the difference in each structure, and how to stay ahead of tax obligations you’re subject to once you’re rolling.

Module 2: Accounting Your Business 

I’ll teach you step-by-step how to set up your company’s bookkeeping and help you get crystal clear on the three core business statements you need to know backward and forward to master your numbers and grow your revenue.

Module 3: Hiring for Growth 

When it comes to hiring employees or independent contractors, know the differences between both, what the IRS needs you to know to stay compliant, save money and avoid penalties, and scale your resources.

Module 4: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Don’t get caught off guard — stay out of trouble with the federal and local government by knowing all the taxes you may be subject to, how to take advantage of deductions, and how to get the proper credits for your tax strategy.

Module 5: The Holy Grail – Tax Savings Fundamentals 

Get your hands on the tax savings techniques used to keep the rich, rich. You need to know how to save money outside of simply not spending all you receive. Get the knowledge you need to do your own tax planning alongside (or in place of) your CPA.

PLUS, when you join, you get access to bonus resources to help you put all that learning into action.
  • State-by-state guidance on setting up your entity, tax deductions, credits, and sales tax to give you clear answers on what you need to pay or collect
  • Tax calculators to help you project what you might owe or save in any given quarter or year
  • Annual, quarterly, and monthly filing calendars to keep you on track and in compliance
  • Sample and blank tax forms to be completed during initial setup & when hiring
  • Tax withholding calculators to help you determine how much you should withhold from employees paychecks
  • Sample templates needed to implement different tax savings strategies

AND — join now for monthly bonus group hot-seat sessions with your resident CPA to answer your questions directly so you can keep your business moving forward confidently.

By now you’re probably nodding your head and thinking, “Yep! I soooo need this.” Because you know that your stuff isn’t in order, and you know that it’s only a matter of time before someone — likely the government — starts knocking on your door asking you for your records … records that are a mess and a half if they exist at all.

So it’s time to stop raising your hand and take action to Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business if you’ve ever… 

✔️ Feared the IRS coming to your door to seize your property due to some unknown tax violation

✔️ Wondered if you actually needed to issue that 1099 or collect sales tax for your offer 

✔️ Worried that you couldn’t hire the needed team member because you don’t know if you’d be able to afford them 

✔️ Guessed at what you made last month, quarter, or year or were completely thrown off when asked for a profit & loss or balance sheet

✔️ Missed out on much needed equity from a VC or bank that required financials because you had no clue what a profit & loss or balance sheet even looked like 

✔️ Didn’t know if you should create an LLC or what the hype around LLC’s is all about 

✔️ Were confused as to the different legal entity structures and wondered what tax advantages were related to each

✔️ Wondered how to not just make money but also how to keep it by not giving  it ALL to Uncle Sam

✔️ Thought, “hmmmm, I wonder if I can deduct XYZ?”

✔️ Thought, “holy s**t, how much tax will I owe? Or is this even a taxable event?” 

✔️ Experienced sleepless nights because you’d just received a notice from Uncle Sam to seize your property

... then Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business is your answer.

It’s all in one place, all here for you. Stop saying this is me and raising your hand — I know you need it, let’s get it. This is an investment in you and your business. 

It’s always possible to fail in business, but it won’t be so easy to fail with all of these resources. Don’t beat yourself out of it before it even starts.

Who said you had to give Uncle Sam all your coins?

 Are you ready to boss up and really have a LEGIT business? Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Then it's time to Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business.
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See What These Happy Clients Are Saying

“Thank you Robyn for your insight about the world of tax and accounting. What stands out between your service and other CPAs over the year is the willingness to listen and tailor the response so it fits my business. In the military, we have moved multiple times and paid taxes from various locations both international and stateside. It varied each location. Now that I am in Dallas; I sure appreciate your insight on the local tax rate and for asking me the questions I have not even thought about.” 

— Asif Haider, Bunker Labs

Robyn was able to bestow a sensational amount of accounting knowledge in a short time period while somehow not making it feel overwhelming! Her passion for entrepreneurial pursuits shined through during every word and there is no doubt she serves as a strong advocate to help clients attain their goals. After we dove deeper into my specific scenario she was able to provide immediate insights. Robyn is a true professional with considerable skill and knowledge in her domain. If you have any questions or pain points in the accounting or tax arena, I cannot recommend enough that you seek her out!”

— Doug Bauer, Founder and CEO of Serac Technology, LLC

“The content and presentation offered in Robyn’s webinar were top-notch. She explained the ins and outs of all the different entities and so much more. Before attending her webinar I was uncertain whether my business was on the best path. Robyn set my mind to rest and gave me the insight to understand the trades to consider if/when we want to make a change in the future. Now I sleep more soundly with this understanding and I am so grateful that Robyn has offered her expertise in this way. I highly recommend this webinar to any business owner who wants to be sure that they are on the right track.”

— Jen Sparks, Owner at AssessmentGenerator.com

Not everyone is ready for Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business

And that’s perfectly okay. 

Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business was built to help all modern business owners really claim their CEO title by helping them learn how to treat their business as a real business. 

So if you’re perfectly comfortable not knowing the future of your business, hiding your earnings from the IRS, paying more in taxes, or keeping your business small, Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business might not be for you. 

But if you’re ready to: 

✔️ Have a love affair with your numbers — knowing them inside and out

✔️ Be confident about the state of your business because there are no surprises about what your business is doing or how well it’s doing financially

✔️ Take on the government and any audit they may throw at you because you’re more than prepared to handle it

✔️ Make an agile action plan to get from one big biz goal to the next — and beyond 

Then Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business just might be your lifeline.

Hey, I’m Robyn Jefferson, CPA and I want to help you create a better money story for your business. 

As a CPA, I’ve had an intimate inside look into the financials of several different types of businesses and business models. I know how companies — from small enterprises to household names — perform year after year. Basically, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in business.

For the past two decades, I’ve worked with high-net-worth individuals and multi-million dollar companies. I’ve witnessed very successful companies that were madly profitable. Three things these companies had in common: they knew their numbers, their businesses were compliant, and they knew the value of Strategic Partners: Their CPA,  Attorney and Financial Advisor.  

I also witnessed those who appeared to be raking in the money on the outside … but behind the scenes were recording massive losses and were unprofitable. 

This “keeping up with the Joneses” attitude is what makes it so that roughly 50% of businesses fail within the first five years and makes the mystery around profitability so prevalent. Your numbers will tell if your business is setup for success or not – numbers don’t lie!

To grow your business beyond the startup phase (and reach that $500K or more level) you have to get clear and honest about your money, learn to get super comfortable with your numbers, and it’s imperative that your business is compliant.

Banks & Investors aren’t looking for how many social media followers you have. They want to see cold hard numbers. They want to know the financial state of your business. If they invest in you, how & what their return will be. They want to know if your business has enough cash flow to repay the loan.

In Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business, I’m helping you learn how to become and stay compliant & have a very clear snapshot of the financial state of your business so that you can grow, get and remain profitable, and be prepared for whatever comes in the future … be it another pandemic, economic downturn, or preparing to sell the business you’ve worked so hard  to build. 

Let’s get your business in order in Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business. 

You may be wondering about Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business.

It’s natural to have questions before hopping into an investment. So here are the answers to the most common questions I’ve received about the program.

Will you file my taxes for me as part of this program?

The program includes access to the recorded content, additional bonus resources, and twice-monthly group calls. While I will be available to answer submitted questions for the hot seat calls, I will not be able to audit your specific tax documents or file your taxes as part of the program. 

Are the group calls recorded?

Yes! All the hot seat calls are recorded and will be uploaded into the member site within 72 hours of the recording. 

When will I get access to the content?

Immediately after submitting your payment, you’ll gain access to our member site and private Facebook group. 

Is the content self-paced?

Yes, when you join using the pay-in-full option, you get immediate access to the entire course and its five modules. When you use the split-pay option, you will be granted access to the first three modules upon joining, and the remaining modules and bonus resources will be unlocked after your final split payment is received. In either case, you can move through the content at your own pace and on your timetable. 

But … what if I need more direct help?

I get it! If you’re looking for direct help with filing your taxes or would like to consult with my team on your tax questions in a one-on-one setting, you can inquire about services by visiting rdjefferson.com and schedule an appointment. 

Let’s build a business that’s made to succeed. 

Join Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business today and create a better foundation for your business.