Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business Checkout

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When you join Mind Your ‘Six Figure’ Business, you’ll get access to:

✔️  Exclusive access to the 5-module course content to give you the exact information you need to get your business finances in order and grow your revenue using tax savings strategies. 

✔️  Get step-by-step guidance on how to form your company, sophisticated tax tools that are used to keep the wealthy, wealthy, and learn some of the most common business taxes business owners are subject to beyond income tax.

✔️  Private, curated Facebook group to network with other boss-level CEOs who are doing it big in their business (and are ready to do it even bigger) 

✔️  Access to me — hi, I’m Robyn Jefferson, CPA — to answer your business questions as a group so that you can get the direct guidance you need to keep the needle moving forward 

PLUS, when you join, get access to these bonus tools to help you implement:
  • State-by-state guidance on setting up your entity, tax deductions, credits, and sales tax to give you clear answers on what you need to pay or collect 
  • Tax calculators to help you project what you might owe or save in any given quarter or year 
  • Annual, quarterly, and monthly filing calendars to keep you on track and in compliance 
  • Sample and blank tax forms to be completed during initial setup & when hiring
  • Tax withholding calculators to help you determine how much you should withhold from employees paychecks
  • Sample templates needed to implement different tax savings strategies 


AND — join now for twice-monthly bonus group hot-seat sessions with your resident CPA to answer your questions directly so you can keep your business moving forward confidently.